Our History

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Peak Utility Infrastructure Provider has a rich history of serving communities and providing essential infrastructure solutions. Founded in 2017, Peak quickly established itself as a leading provider of utility services in the United States, guided by a commitment to safety, community, and care.

The Peak Timeline

Throughout its history, Peak Utility Infrastructure Provider has grown, evolved, and expanded its offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of communities across the United States. Guided by its commitment to safety, focused on communities, and powered by care, Peak continues to provide warmth, light, and connectivity to neighborhoods, towns, and cities throughout the nation.

1987 – Kelly Cable of Colorado founded

1988 – Kelly Cable of New Mexico founded

1997 – Riley Brothers founded

2002 – SiteWise founded

2002 – Track Utilities founded

2011 – SiteWise and Kelly Cable of CO merge as SiteWise

2014 – CIVC acquires Track Utilities

2015 – Track Utilities expands into Washington

2016 – CIVC acquires SiteWise

2017 – Peak Utility Infrastructure Provider formed

2017 – Peak acquires Kelly Cable of NM

2018 – ORIX acquires Peak Utility Services Group

2019 – Peak acquires Utility Sales & Service

2020 – Peak acquires Riley Brothers

2021 – Peak acquires Superior Pipeline Services (SPS)

2024 – Peak forms a dedicated HydroVac Company – Superior HydroVac

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