Peak Utility Services Group

"Expanding Frontiers"

Peak provides a full-suite of services for the recurring repair, replacement, maintenance, upgrade, and installation of telecom, electric power, and natural gas infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest, Intermountain West regions, the greater Boston area, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the United States.

Peak is the parent company of Track Utilities, SiteWise, Kelly Cable, Riley Brothers, and Superior Pipeline Services, five industry-leading utility service contractors. The Peak companies play a key role in supporting their clients expansion into new frontiers.

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Peak Expands SiteWise with Acquisition of Utility Sales & Service Inc.

About Us

Peak provides corporate planning, safety, quality, training, human resources, finance, and fleet support and guidance to its five subsidiaries: Track Utilities, SiteWise, Kelly Cable, Riley Brothers, and Superior Pipeline Services.

Peak’s focus is to ensure overall strategic execution, policy and procedural consistency along with corporate and industry compliance for all its subsidiaries.

Our utility services companies provide customers with a full suite of recurring repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation of natural gas, telecom, and electric infrastructure services.

Learn more about Peak’s subsidiaries by navigating to the "Companies" page below.

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Peak is the parent company of Track Utilities, SiteWise, Kelly Cable, Riley Brothers, and Superior Pipeline Services, five industry-leading utility services contractors. Below you can learn more about the service areas our subsidiaries specialize in.


Track, Riley Brothers, and Kelly Cable are leaders in the power transmission and distribution (T&D) community. Their clients are network owners of both transmission and distribution utilities. They are also network users such as Distributed Generators (DGs), electric end users, and rail network operators.

Track provides a variety of construction services in the areas of transmission, distribution, and substations. We are fully capable of handling underground and overhead construction, repairs, and maintenance as well as testing and commissioning.

Kelly Cable is proficient at pole setting and underground distribution utility placement methods utilizing joint and sole trench techniques. They specialize in providing Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) throughout New Mexico. Kelly Cable is the go-to contractor for all your HDD needs.


SiteWise and Riley Brothers provide gas distribution services for steel and PE natural gas infrastructure including repair, replacement, maintenance, upgrade and new installation as well as gas meter services, anode installations and leak surveys.

Additional services include PE system reinforcement, steel IP distribution installation, repair, and joint trench service laterals. By using our in-house horizontal directional drilling crews, utility locating, and hydroexcavation equipment we ensure the safe installation of gas facilities.


Track and Kelly Cable provide a full suite of overhead and underground telecom and fiber services including new installation, repair or replacement. Each company excels at long haul copper or fiber installation with a variety of plow sizes for any job. Track and Kelly Cable also have inhouse splicing professionals that assist with their turnkey service provider approach.

Both provide all-in-one regional aerial and underground telecom solutions, including installing and maintaining copper and fiber wire in multiple applications.



Peak's subsidiaries offer motivated professionals opportunities to further develop their skill sets and take part in expanding our operations throughout the Intermountain West, Pacific Northwest and the greater Boston area.

Each of our subsidiaries welcomes applications from individuals who share our vision of providing effective utility and infrastructure solutions. Our companies thrive on the values of trust, respect, accountability, integrity, teamwork, and safety: what we like to call our Peak TRAITS. By adhering to these values, each company provides our clients with smart solutions and full service commitment.

Please inquire through the Track, SiteWise, Kelly Cable, Riley Brothers, or Superior Pipeline Services websites to apply or ask questions regarding career opportunities.

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